protection check against WannaCry ransomware

TrendMicro has a tool that verifies if the correct (needed) MS Patch (to protect against WannaCry) is active on a computer / server.  This seems to be a great Verification Tool and recommend to run it to confirm SMB V1 (WannaCry) protection.
I renamed the attached file with a -TXT-  instead of Dot EXEcutable
so, need to rename the attachment before using.
Please note that after the TrendMicro Check Utility verifies for the needed MS Patch, it prompts to Disable SMB V1 (maybe through the registry).
Good article on SMBv1 and turning it off,
The question is: can we turn SMBv1 off on all our supported servers ?  (to prevent against other future variants of risk)
The claim is that SMBv1 is over 30 years old, and most communication is now done over SMBv2 and SMBv3
How to Disable SMB1

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