Without the right people, even the best efforts can fail. Recognizing this, the NovaTech Services Management Team forms a critical and solid foundation. We've assembled what is simply the best team in the business. Our team is proud to deliver results through careful hiring, exhaustive training, and a solid infrastructure for success.ManagementLeadership

Terrence (Terry) Hines - President

Terry Hines has many years of experience in developing, managing, and brokering computing solutions for businesses. Mr. Hines has led NovaTech Services for several years, to become a premier IT service provider with numerous and diverse customer relationships. Prior to NovaTech, Mr. Hines worked at Hewlett-Packard in the capacity of executive account management for Fortune 50 companies. Joining HP as a software engineer, his other roles included Sales Director for joint venture in data center outsourcing, managing IT services, and procurement management.

Mr. Hines received his M.S. from the University of Nebraska and his B.A. from Ripon College, WI. Mr. Hines has enjoyed living both in Silicon Valley and the Chicago area with his wife and two children.

James (Jim) Petralli - Manager of Information Technology

Jim is the Director of IT Services and manages the NovaTech Network Operations Center. The NOC is the control center for NovaTech monitoring, management, and backup services.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area; educated at CSM, SJSU, and The USAF (Vietnam 1970); Jim has held a variety of positions ranging from Kinney Shoes Salesman, Truck Driver, Transportation Resource Coordinator, VP of Operations, CEO/Owner, Program Developer, and Program Developer.

At the age of 55, just to see if he still had any brain cells left, he tested and was accepted into Mensa.

Jim is always on the outlook for people with talents and abilities that exceed his own to add to the NovaTech Services Team. Jim currently lives in San Jose, CA. His extended family lives in Burbank, CA; Chicago, IL, and Cameroon.