NovaTech Services Offers Four Key Reasons for Computing Redundancy

  • The Human Eraser It's inevitable, humans make mistakes... Have you ever overwritten a file by mistake? How about installing software you later found you really did not want? Today's computers can do a lot of damage in a very short period of time. Redundancy systems can save you hours, days or months of trying to reconstruct your valuable data.
  • Hard Disk Failures As hard drives increase in data capacity, they also increase the amount you could lose if your disk fails. The problem is you never know when a failure will occur. And, according to Murphy's Law, the loss will occur at the worst possible time. Redundancy gives you immediate and automatic protection from unpredictable disk failures.
  • Virus and Spyware Infections Viruses that innocently hide in emails, websites, and shareware programs are found throughout the Internet. Once a system has been infected, they proceed to wreak havoc with your system, causing errors, lockups and data loss. Redundancy can restore damaged data or compromised systems to an earlier, clean state.
  • Events Beyond Your Control These include fire, floods, lightning and outright theft. After such an occurrence, how will your business survive? Many don't, according to statistics. Redundancy may mean the difference between business as usual and bankruptcy.