Security is of paramount concern to NovaTech Services. Any time that your network is connected to the Internet, security must play an important role in your computing infrastructure. Information can be corrupted when it is available on an insecure network. Information can be erased or become inaccessible, resulting in loss of availability. This means that people who are authorized to get information cannot get what they need. Availability is often the most important attribute in any businesses that depend on information.

To make information available to those who need it and who can be trusted with it, organizations use proper security measures to secure their data and computing infrastructure. Authentication and authorization are essential aspects of any secure computing environment. Authentication is proving that a user is whom he or she claims to be. Authorization is the act of determining whether a particular user (or computer system) has the right to carry out a certain activity, such as reading a file or running a program. Authentication and authorization must go hand in hand.

The consequences of a security breech can be dangerous and may include any or all of the following: a minor loss of time in recovering from the problem, a decrease in productivity, a significant loss of money or staff-hours, a devastating loss of credibility or market opportunity, a business no longer able to compete, and legal liability.

NovaTech Services will evaluate your critical security concerns and develop a plan to implement essential security measures to remove security vulernabilities.

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